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Give yourself the gift of rest

A practice to restore our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Lying down makes this practice more accessible. No need to focus, simply listen and let go of the holding...

Are you tired or, perhaps searching for clarity, maybe wanting to connect to something bigger?

Yoga Nidra is a full system of yoga, a practice that invites us towards deep relaxation, healing, coherence as well as awakening to our true nature, our innate essence.

We let go of the labels, the worries, the to-do lists, and invite our mind and body to drift towards sleep while staying awake and aware. It's the practice of un-doing, it's the yoga of dissolution (laya yoga), moving us through the layers of the body from physical to the subtle.


I am a trained Yoga Nidra teacher. Yoga Nidra is part of my sadhana and I am constantly learning, exploring this incredible wisdom. I truly believe this is the practice that we all need.

I am passionate about sharing this ancient healing practice with as many people as possible so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you sign up to my mailing you will receive a free Healing Nidra.

Yoga nidra is a yoga of dissolution, or laya yoga. The practice moves our awareness from the most gross aspect of ourselves - our physical body - into awareness of the subtle body and eventually into a sense of dissolving into spaciousness. This is a journey through energetic sheaths (koshas) that are said to cover the light of the soul
             - Tracee Stanley Radiant Rest - 

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