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Why Breathe?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Changing the way we breathe can transform how we feel quicker than most practices. Breathing happens naturally but we can also take control of it to shift our energy.

As a yoga facilitator, I love to share in a way that can help deepening the experience of yoga as an energetic practice, targeting specific effects and desired outcomes. Breath should always be central to how we practice.

Retrain the breath to become smooth and even and to adapt our breath moment to moment to support our activities. Steady and even. Donna Farhi

Becoming aware of how we breathe is so important.

If the mind is stressed, the breath is stressed. If we calm the breath, we calm the mind. It allows us to shift from sympathetic (fight and flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest) and transform how we feel moment to moment.

It gives you an insight into your mental and emotional state and allow you to transform unconscious patterning.

You can hear and feel the breath. It gives you access to something tangible to establish a deeper meditation practice.

Instead of reaching for that extra cup of coffee, strong powerful breath practices can give you that burst of energy you might need.

PRANAYAMA (Control of life force)

Becoming intimate with the different parts of our breath - Inhale, exhale and the transitions.

INHALE is Brahmana, meaning its quality is to activate, enliven, accelerate. We breathe more into the chest and activate the SNS - backbends and laterals. Holding after inhale will intensify the effect.

EXHALE is Langhana, meaning its quality is to slow down to soften, to reduce. We bring the breath into the belly and activate the PSNS - Forward bends and twists. Holding after exhale will intensify the effect.

BALANCED inhale and exhale is Samana, meaning its quality is to balance and create equanimity

And please use your nose to breathe as often as possible.

Recommended reading to find out more about the science behind the art of breathing: Breath from James Nestor.

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