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Body, mind and breath working in harmony

Moving to soften tensions so we can breathe more fully, using the breath to calm the mind so we can see more clearly and connect to who we truly are.  My teachings are all inspired by the ancient traditions of yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. Tantra is all about life, it embraces the material as well as the spiritual aspect of life. Tantra is about self empowerment and focuses on energy thru asana, pranayama and meditation.

Two of my favourite translations of Tantra are 'to expand beyond limitation' as well as 'to be moved'.

So many tools to weave together....

ASANA:  Movement is important to create space in our body, soften tension and make us more steady, both physically and mentally. I teach asana following the principles of Vinyasa Krama. Efficient and safe sequencing, shaping the energetic landscape to achieve specific outcomes. 

PRANAYAMA:  Breath should always be at the core of a practice. Breath and mind work together - shaping the breath to change the mind is more accessible for most of us. We can truly shift the way we feel by changing the way we breathe. 


MEDITATION:  In the tantric tradition, meditation is more than focussing on an object and stilling the mind. We also want to impact the mind depending on the practice we choose. Having a constant meditation practice is where true transformation will happen.

MANTRAS:  Expands the mind while protecting it. Mantras are powerful. They can heal, transform and inspire us.


Mantras are in sanskrit 'the language of the Gods', and originated from India. The vibration, resonance of the mantra holds the essence, feeling of the word itself. Mantras are like magical spells and helps us transcend, expand and connect. Pure medicine for the soul.

KRIYA:  Actions that might involve movement, breath and sound. Practicing a Kriya initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that can affect the body, mind, and spirit.

When practicing Kriya meditation, we move attention in order to transform consciousness.

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