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Sharing yoga practices to restore, reconnect and reclaim your inner power 


I'm Sarah.


I am a yoga and meditation teacher based in Melbourne. I'm here to offer my guidance and support, to help you reach your full potential and thrive in all aspects of your life; physical, mental and emotional.

I believe yoga should be approached in a holistic way, and when harnessed properly, it can unlock true healing and transformation.

I follow all aspects of the yoga tradition, Tantra and the principles of Ayurveda, to help my students bring body and mind to a state of harmony. Such practices can expand our awareness and improve our relationship with ourselves, the people we love and the greater community.​​

Let me help you on your journey.

How can I help you?


My offerings

  • Studio classes

  • Private sessions

  • Tailored daily practice

  • Workshops & retreats

  • Yoga Nidra sessions  

Give yourself the gift of rest

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Kind words about me



Sarah always makes me want to practice and get deeper into whatever it is we work on.


I always feel safe in her presence whether we do yoga or a meditation class, which allow me to fully be in the moment and get the most our session.


Sarah obviously cares and loves sharing her incredibly deep knowledge while providing you the tools to enjoy the journey


Emerging from Sarah’s Nidra class I felt like I was waking up from one of those rare sleeps that you remember from childhood - fresh, clearheaded and ready for the world… only I hadn’t been to sleep, not even for a second. 

Sarah's confidence, humility and care put you immediately at ease and eager to dive into what she has in store for you



Simply a beautiful teacher.

Sarah is warm, funny, authentic and extremely passionate about her yoga practice and sharing her knowledge with others.


Her classes are very grounding and balancing in the way she integrates asana, pranayama and mudra and there are always  little gems of inspirational knowledge to take away with you


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